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Map of the central section of British Columbia :  shewing the country served by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
Map showing mining properties in vicinity of Stewart and Salmon River, Portland Canal Mining Division
Assessing drive tourists' preferences and motivations
Status of Sustained-Yield Forestry Programme as at 31 December 1962
Dolly Varden Mines Railway Act: An Act Respecting the Dolly Varden Mines Railway
Route map of part of Nass River, British Columbia
Map of British Columbia reduced from the original map by Mr. Alfred Waddington
Kitamaat : Sunday, Sept. 23, 1900
Bella Coola Indians, Volume 2
Kitamaat Mission: ahmakatle hallelas 'l wah gaedzowah. Nakwa kuddielth
Ethnological Map of the Province of British Columbia
Methodist Church Kitamaat: Plan of Preachers, November 1898 to March 1899
Hazelton British Columbia: A Series of Fifteen Local Views of Hazelton, B.C.