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Empowering people with concurrent disorder in a clinical context: a structural perspective.
Mothers, problematic substance use, and child welfare in northern British Columbia.
The stingray
Disabling labeling : a social worker's response to attention deficit disorder
A shared mental health care model at Whitehorse Hospital, Yukon:  A First Nations and medical perspective.
Cultural competency in clinical consultation at the Alberta Children's Hospital: how to deliver equitable, effective, and adequate health care to minority people
Investigating how boxing interventions may support youth in northern British Columbia
Abandonment or autonomy: How do social workers know the difference?
Integrating dialectical behaviour therapy into my clinical practice model as a northern social worker
Fetal alcohol syndrome, fetal alcohol effects: what do child protection workers know
Chinese immigrant women in remote communities: Adjustment and social support networks.
Discharge planning at rural and small town hospitals: how is it accomplished?
Sexual abuse intervention program: healing through art and play
From pillar to post: Transitioning from child and youth mental health services to adult mental health services in Prince George, British Columbia.
Psychogeriatric services for the Northern Interior Health Region
Examining challenges, barriers and strengths in the implementaion of an early intervention program in northern British Columbia for people with psychosis
Cultural studies: The silenced or courageously loud sister of social work.
A "Former" Perspective: A Qualitative Thematic Exploration of the Disengagement Process from Violent Right Wing Extremism.