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From pillar to post: Transitioning from child and youth mental health services to adult mental health services in Prince George, British Columbia.
Minimizing oppression and discrimination faced by gay and lesbian youth in Northern British Columbia.
Social worker's role in an adult protection agency
Understanding play as a therapeutic intervention: a structural social work perspective
A search for community-based responses to partner abuse in Whitehorse, Yukon.
Becoming an ally
Exploring gambling among seniors in rural British Columbia: sociodemographic and mental health correlates
The long-term relational impacts of child sexual abuse by a parent
Mental health of children from divided families.
Older women and homelessness : lived experiences of accessing social and health services
Examining challenges, barriers and strengths in the implementaion of an early intervention program in northern British Columbia for people with psychosis
Psychogeriatric services for the Northern Interior Health Region
Routes to transcendence: Disordered eating, substance abuse, and self-injury in young women.
Studying the efficacy and service users' experience of a cognitive behaviour therapy group for adults experiencing anxiety and/or panic in a community mental health setting.
Clinical perspectives on the integration of mainstream mental health approaches and traditional aboriginal healing practices.
Voices in thread: Women's childhood experiences of a primary caregiver that remained in a relationship with an alleged or known sex offender, an arts-based inquiry.
Cross-cultural communication in social work practice: An interpretive approach to cross-cultural communication difficulties.
Exploring Casma Valley geographical kinship: Mapping the landscape of identity.