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Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia During Episodes of Relived Sadness: The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Affect Intensity.
Hostility: Individual differences in cognitive processes.
Spelling: Processes and strategies in print and computer formats.
Identity development in men and its relation to psychosocial distress and self-concept
Conceptions of health: A cross-cultural comparison.
Responsibility judgements about stigmas: does depression matter?
Cognitive training in the rural elderly: A randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy and accessibility of a new approach.
Identity processing style and sex-role identity predict attachment style and psychosocial balance.
Grounding in intercultural communication.
Evaluating a sufferer's pain: the role of contextual and attributional variables
Social competence in early childhood: The role of pain, health, and parenting style.
Pain expression in mild cognitive impairment: Its relation to frontal lobe involvement in non-verbal pain expression.
Paralinguistic cues in the speech of withdrawn children
People with pets: Understanding the influence of human-companion animal attachment on empathy and resilient coping in adulthood.
Text generation processes in the development of written cohesion: The contribution of semantics and syntax.