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Determination of density and moisture content of wood using Terahertz time domain spectroscopy.
Determination of the origin of birefringence in wood at terahertz frequencies.
True quantum teleportation
A one-dimensional special relativistic shock tube where stellar fluid undergoes neutrino heating.
Quantum tunnelling of a molecule with a single bound state.
Terahertz spectroscopy of nitric oxide for emissions monitoring in bioenergy systems
Acoustic and adsorption properties of submerged wood.
Single-frequency terahertz Michelson interferometer for applications in wood products
Speckle pattern based single pixel imaging
Modelling heat transfer in the conditioning process used in plywood manufacturing.
Efficiency calibration measurement and GEANT simulation of the DRAGON BGO gamma ray array at TRIUMF.
Probing the potential applications of terahertz radiation in wood products
Tunneling of a diatomic molecule with transitional channels and molecular break-up.