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An investigation of classical Banach spaces and a synthesis of their properties.
Hamiltonian cycles in symmetric graphs.
When is an alter ego a minimal dulaizing structure?
Savings and commercial banks' performance in Nigeria
On the dualisabilty of finite {0, 1 }-valued unary algebras with zero.
Tangling in dualisability of unary algebras
Applications of the Snake Theorem.
The Residual Character of Finitely Generated Varieties of Unary Algebras and Groupoids, and Applications to the Restricted Quackenbush Problem.
On irresponsible homomorphisms and strong duality
Copula based rigid-body image registration.
Standard unary algebras
The assessment of association between insomnia and risk factors in the province of Nova Scotia.
Math play's effects on mathematics attitude and awareness
A survey of pure algebraic quartic fields.