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The cross-cultural collaboration of the Community Forest.
Characterization of methylmercury demethylation in the central nervous system.
Landscape and collective memory in post-conflict Ayacucho, Peru
Characterization of PPAR-alpha overexpression in beta-cell lipotoxicity and its effects on obesity-induced type 2 diabetes.
Planning utopia:  Control over women and nature in Mary Shelley's "The Last Man", William Morris's "News from Nowhere" and M. P. Shiel's "The Purple Cloud".
Divergent voices: Reflections on Vietnamese women's wartime and postwar stories.
Spirituality and mixed-blood identity: a comparative study of Miguel Angel Asturias and Leslie Marmon Silko
Perspectives of the influence of stigma on care-seeking behavior among ethnic Russians living with HIV/AIDS in Ida-Virumaa, Estonia
Brown Sheep, Brown Landscape:  Australia as I Remember It.
Raven bloodlines, Tsimshian identity
The impact of vasoactive and inflammatory reagents on arteriolar vasomotion in the gluteus maximus of mice.
Networks of resistance: online activism in the information age
Architecture for automatic poetry generation through pattern recognition
Exhuming Guatemala's gender-based violence: Justice, truth-telling, and rebuilding in a post-conflict society.
Reading forests: Contested ideologies and forest use in British Columbia.
A critical legal geography of "Territory of Traditional Nature-Use" (TTP) formation in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia
Education for assimilation: language, literature, and acculturation in senior English
Memory, identity, typology: An interdisciplinary reconstruction of Vlach ethnohistory.