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The BEAT: a youth gang prevention program
Elementary school counsellors' perceptions of their role with families
Using dialectical behaviour therapy to treat clients with left temporal lobe epilepsy
Relationships over rules
Intergenerational programming: attitudes of children and perceptions of older adult participants
Strong and Safe: a healthy relationships and empowerment group for women with disabilities
Stress management for young adolescent girls: strengthening connection in the school setting
Grief and loss and children: a guide for caregivers and educators
An exploration of young adult women's experiences of using physical aggression in intimate relationships: A phenomenological study.
Revitalizing schools through generative learning: an appreciative approach to school reform
Mentalization and interpersonal problems in borderline personality disorder (BPD) traits
UNBC clinic of care: clinic manual and marketing plan
Evaluation of the community agency Future Cents
Daily experiences of parenting a child with suspected FASD and the applicability of a psycho-educational group.
A collection of aboriginal stories and wisdoms for counsellor development
Working with teens through grief and loss: a resource manual
Discussion of ethical issues for counsellors as related to mandated reporting of child abuse
Experiences of engaging in Archetypal Dreamwork
Cognitive analysis of an autoethnography