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Guided reading: a manual for grade 1 educators
Perceptions of the 2009 impact of curriculum implementation on teaching practices of social studies 12 teachers in Northwest Alberta.
The BEAT: a youth gang prevention program
Elementary school counsellors' perceptions of their role with families
Building alliances to understanding and working with students affected by fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
Using dialectical behaviour therapy to treat clients with left temporal lobe epilepsy
Success stories: aboriginal students and access to post-secondary education
Experiencing amphibians: Instruction for biophilia, ecoliteracy, and sustainability.
Relationships over rules
A parent handbook for parents of French immersion students
Intergenerational programming: attitudes of children and perceptions of older adult participants
Strong and Safe: a healthy relationships and empowerment group for women with disabilities
Professional learning communities: where are we?
The experience of mentorship for three novice teachers in Yukon
Implementing rubrics as formative assessment in English writing classes in Japan.
The use of inspiration as a multimedia plenary activity for improving the cognitive assimilation of Biology 12 students.
Prediction of national mathematics and science achievement by socioeconomic and health factors with a focus on Ghana