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The impact of government expenditure on gross domestic private investment in Nigeria (1975-2012).
The inflation and economic growth nexus in Gabon, Kenya, and South Africa: an empirical analysis, 1961-2012
The effect of various capital flows on economic growth of developing countries
Analysis of road traffic mortality in Iran.
Microfinance mission drift---a study of microfinance institutions in Asia and Latin America.
Building a network of clean energy systems
Out of pocket expenditures on healthcare across Canadian provinces
Technological upgrading and decent work in the manufacturing sector: evidence from seven coastline provinces, China, 2002-2014
An evaluation of market efficiency in the Chinese stock market using a behavioural volatility model
Does China need a more flexible exchange rate?
Understanding stunting in Peruvian children: A multilevel analysis.
The effects of negative and positive freedom on economic growth, human development and poverty.
A retrospect and prospect on the development of China's stock market
Two essays on foreign direct investment and food security in Nigeria: A mixed methods approach.
Has urban water privatization worked in the Global South?