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Sentence encoders for semantic textual similarity
Embedding programming languages: Prolog in Haskell
A basis for pronominal anaphora resolution using a model of working memory and long-term memory
New watermarking methods for digital images.
Improving Sonar Sensor Fidelity in a Robot Simulator.
Face recognition using convolutional macropixel comparison approach
Individual versus group success in round robin tournament of an ability-based two-player game
A flexible simulaton framework for the study of deadlock resolution algorithms in multicore systems
Multum in parvo: Toward a generic compression method for binary images.
Face recognition using Dual Linear Regression based Classification
An Interactive framework to develop and align business process models
Secure data communication over mobile devices in health networks.
A multiagent architecture for semantic query access to legacy relational databases.
Prediction and preemptive control of network congestion in distributed real-time environment
An interaction protocol for bidirectional deliberation on direct help in agent teamwork.
On-site tracking in wireless sensor networks.
A software system for agent-assisted ontology building
Chess software and its impact on chess players