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Susceptibility of subalpine fir to western balsam bark beetle.
Towards an air quality management strategy for the Prince George Region
The ectomycorrhizal associations of Larix laricina  (Du Roi) (tamarack) K. Koch and Betula glandulosa Michaux (scrub birch) seedlings in peatlands of central British Columbia.
Kakwa Provincial Park BC: description and recreation potential of the new provincial park
Physical stream feature assessments using aerial videographic surveys
Carbon sequestration in British Columbian sub-boreal cut blocks
Integrating harvesting values with community: planning for mineral aggregate extraction in the City of Prince George
Public involvement in the development of a management plan for the Moose River Route region of Mount Robson Provincial Park
Toward a conceptual framework for integrated resource management on electric utility transmission rights-of-way
Characterization and seasonal ecology of ectomycorrhizae associated with Sitka alder and lodgepole pine from naturally regeneraing young and mature spruce forests in the sub-boreal spruce zone of British Columbia
The impact of human activities on habitat effectiveness for grizzly bears in Jasper National Park
Women's participation in land use planning:  A case study of the Cariboo-Chilcotin Land Use Plan (CCLUP).
Open and sectoral models of public participation: does model type make a difference in land use planning
The effect of the Ontario Ranger Programme on the participants' self-esteem and self-concept levels
Ecological characteristics of forest remnants left by wildfire
Mineral weathering and ectomycorrhizae of Picea glauca x engelmannii (Moench.) Voss with emphasis on Piloderma
The role of fluorescent pseudomonad bacteria in the resistance of paper birch (Betula papyrifera Marsh.) to armillaria ostoyae in the southern interior of British Columbia
Participation equality in the public policy process:  The Clayoquot Land Use Decision.