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Ecological importance of licks to four ungulate species in north-central British Columbia.
Seasonal variability of fine-grained sediment morphology in a salmon-bearing stream.
Simulating past and future mass balance of Place Glacier using a physically-based, distributed glacier mass balance model
Effect of habitat quality on communication and signalling in the black-capped chickadee.
Resource development patterns of the British Columbia salmon canning industry, 1870 to 1970.
Treatment of chromium contaminated soil by co-pyrolysis with rice straw
Exposure to fine particulate air pollution in Prince George, British Columbia.
Development of modified natural zeolites and study of phosphate removal from aqueous solutions
Functional expression of Ips paraconfusus cytochromes P450 exhibiting conspicuous up-regulation with feeding on host phloem.
Community adaptation to climate change: An exploration of climate change adaptation planning in British Columbia.
Export barriers to the Chinese market: Insights from British Columbia forest products firms.
A multi-scale behavioural approach to understanding the movements of woodland caribou.
Sequential Monte Carlo methods for data assimilation in strongly nonlinear dynamics.
Plasticity in selection strategies of woodland caribou ( Rangifer tarandus caribou) during winter and calving.
Greenhouse gas lifecycle assessment of biochar and biocoal applications in British Columbia