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Amplifying voices of development: Insights from Indigenous Maya leaders of El Quiche, Guatemala.
Economic restructuring gender and grassroots development in Mexico
The meaning of reconciliation and development in post-genocide Rwanda.
Grassroots development in El Salvador
Food security in sub-Saharan Africa: the role of food aid and trade liberalization
The demise of the corporatist experiment in South Africa.
Is resource extraction a curse or a bonanza for local communities? Mining case study: Quiruvilca, Peru
Partnerships and value chains for lignin-based biorefineries - A case-study approach.
Steps to sustainable forestry success: a case study analysis of community-based forest management in developing countries
The nexus of gender and alternative trade: a feminist analysis
The internal motives and consequences of UN projects : evidence from the Tumen River area development programme
Representations of security and insecurity in the highway of tears: A critical discourse analysis.
Global to local:  International conferences and environmental education in the People's Republic of China.
Do protected areas support cultural survival?: examining the characteristics of modern protected areas
Microfinance and micro-enterprises: A study of the Kudumbashree Program in Kerala, India.
Assessing Pro-Poor Tourism principles in practice:  Ethnic tourism in northern Thailand and Lao PDR.