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A history of Gitxsan relations with colonial and Canadian law, 1858-1909
Building dams, constructing stories: The press, the Sekani and the Peace River Dam, 1957--1969.
The development of Native Studies at Canadian universities:  Four programs, four provinces, four decades.
The shapeliest legs under the council table: Defining the feminist influence on women in British Columbia municipal politics, 1950--1980.
Settler mythology and the construction of the historical memory of the Indian Wars of the Pacific Northwest.
The resilience of the Babine: The economic and social relations of the Babine to 1830.
"She's the queen of everyone's heart": Community, gender, morality and sexuality in the "Queen Val-Vedette" and "Queen Aurora of the Evergreens" beauty pageants, 1948--1970.
Beneath the waters: a microhistory of Ootsa Lake, a northern Eurocanadian community
Patterns of diffusion: The 1886-1888 measles epidemic and the expansion of settler influence in the Central Interior of British Columbia.
Reshaping the land: an environmental history of Prince George, British Columbia
"It Happened to Me in Barkerville": Aboriginal identity, economy, and law in the Cariboo Gold Rush, 1862--1900.
Hags, frogs, diamonds, and fairies
No Indians allowed
Poise under pressure: Eliteness, fashion, and the spatial perception of women in nineteenth-century Britain
The newspaper wars in Prince George, B.C., 1909--1918.
"Physically We are a Mighty Nation, Nationally We are Children" - Conscription and Identity in Canada, 1940-1945