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Expanding the mine, killing a lake: A case study of First Nations' environmental values, perceptions of risk and health.
The Changing Governance of Rural Regional Development: A case study of the Cariboo-Chilcotin Beetle Action Coalition.
Planning for resilience: A case study of Kitimat, BC.
Historical migration patterns in the Upper Fraser region, British Columbia.
Networks and partnerships in a resource town: A case study of adapting to an aging population in Mackenzie, B.C.
Narratives of negotiation: Transnational marriage migration in northern British Columbia.
Entropy debt: A link to sustainability?
Little boats and big concerns? Seeking a balance between ecotourism and motorboat use in Tortuguero, Costa Rica.
"Overlap": Causes and implications of contested indigenous claims to territory in the context of the BC treaty process.
Mercury, sulfur-metabolizing bacteria and organic matter in the sediments of subarctic Kusawa Lake, Yukon.
Locally defined measures of successful forest co-management: A case study of Tl'azt'en Nation and the John Prince Research Forest.
Teaching through toponymy: Using indigenous place-names in outdoor science camps.
The influence of glacier change on sediment yield, Peyto Basin, Alberta, Canada.
Modelling the distribution of advance regeneration in lodgepole pine stands in the Central Interior of British Columbia.
Housing, health, and social inclusion of older people on low income in Prince George, BC.
La Voz del Pueblo: Maya Consultas and the Challenge of Self-Determination for Socially Responsible Investment in the Mining Sector.
Negotiating the production of space in Tl'azt'en Territory, 1969-1984
The Tahltan Nation and our consultation process with mining industry: How a land use plan might improve the process.