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Perceptions of the 2009 impact of curriculum implementation on teaching practices of social studies 12 teachers in Northwest Alberta.
Experiencing amphibians: Instruction for biophilia, ecoliteracy, and sustainability.
Implementing rubrics as formative assessment in English writing classes in Japan.
The use of inspiration as a multimedia plenary activity for improving the cognitive assimilation of Biology 12 students.
Leading professional inquiry to develop students' research skills.
Introductory business communication course for post-secondary students
A resilience framework for the University of Northern British Columbia co-operative education program
Leading for literacy: Building capacity for school-wide improvement.
Experiences of women leaders in non-profit organizations in northern BC
Women's stories of access: Sexual health education and services in Yukon.
Prediction of national mathematics and science achievement by socioeconomic and health factors with a focus on Ghana
The beginning steps to creating culturally responsive teaching in an Aboriginal choice school model
Goals and hope in adolescent at-risk high school students.
The importance of teacher social and emotional competence to the development of prosocial classrooms: the role of teacher preparation
A holistic approach to capacity building
Restitution as aboriginal worldview for elementary classrooms.
Exploring parental engagement at a Yukon high school
A case study of teacher collaboration at Duchess Park Secondary School
Understanding roadblocks to adapting new technologies
Developing standard-based formative assessment