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Hostility, smiling and elicited emotional experiences: Considerations for health outcomes.
Workplace Health Safety and Compensation Commission Disability Management Program
Analysis of an early intervention disability program.
Ethical decision-making in disability management.
An enquiry into vocational rehabilitation services provided by WorkSafe BC: Perspective of the injured worker.
Experiences of decision makers in the workers' compensation system: Impact of gender on return to work decisions.
Exploring and redefining home visitability with the Scia'new and Esquimalt Nations
Coping and post-traumatic stress in male firefighters.
The effects of traumatic stress on firefighters' world assumptions.
Review of twelve long term care facilities' disability management program and processes
Private health care option in disability management
The state of employment of young adults with and without chronic physical and mental conditions.
Elements for a supportive and inclusive employment program for trans individuals in Vancouver (located on the traditional territories of the Coast Salish peoples)
Disability management strategies:  A preliminary investigation of perceptions, policies and return-to-work outcomes.
A personal narrative: encountering systemic discrimination as a status Indian hard-of-hearing male
Human Rights and the Duty to Accommodate in Employment: Stakeholders' Knowledge and Attitudes.
Development and delivery of a distance education disability management course
Assessing occupational stress in the Canadian multicultural workplace.
Evaluating the RECOVER model as an effective early intervention progam [sic]