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Guided reading: a manual for grade 1 educators
A parent handbook for parents of French immersion students
Effects of emotional experience in abstract and concrete word processing
Implementing rubrics as formative assessment in English writing classes in Japan.
Beyond 'La baguette et le fromage': Studying minority francophone culture and community in western Canada.
Achieving greater academic success: engaging students by providing feedback and summative grades for note taking
Text generation processes in the development of written cohesion: The contribution of semantics and syntax.
Entropy of printed Bengali language texts.
Exploring classroom technology: the engagement of aboriginal students in a 1:1 wireless laptop program
Gitxsan storytelling: the breath of our grandfathers
Investigating the importance of vocabulary instruction and effective strategies
Inuvialuit language and identity: Perspectives on the symbolic meaning of Inuvialuktun in the Canadian western Arctic.
Evidence for the activation of sensorimotor information during visual word recognition: The body–object interaction effect
How I learned the language: The pedagogical structure of the Taltan language.
Nos histoires:  A reflection in democratic discourse in a French primary classroom.