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Women's perceptions of health and well-being in a rural, remote, and resource-dependent community
Food insecurity in aboriginal women living with HIV/AIDS: evidence-informed health promotion interventions for family nurse practitioner practice
Routes to transcendence: Disordered eating, substance abuse, and self-injury in young women.
Clinical encounters in Canada's northern territories: implications for nurse practitioners working with aboriginal women to promote sexual health
The role of nurse practitioners in outreach services and facilitating access for marginalized adult women in British Columbia
Routine physical activity and healthy pregnant women's self reports of psychological distress: a literature review
Women's stories of access: Sexual health education and services in Yukon.
Intimate stories: Examining Prince George women's awareness about and use of cervical screening services.
Spinning a northern web:  Women using information and communication technology to network for health and wellness.
Addressing chlamydia in middle aged and older women in rural and northern British Columbia
Nurse practitioner use of patient-centered care to improve the quality of life of women experiencing vasomotor symptoms of menopause
Preventive cancer screening: social determinants of participation in mammography and pap tests
Health needs of older women in northern British Columbia.
Women in midlife: experiences of the mind and body movement of Nia.