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Disabling labeling : a social worker's response to attention deficit disorder
The healing experiences of adult survivors of complex trauma
Ethical decision-making in disability management.
A "Former" Perspective: A Qualitative Thematic Exploration of the Disengagement Process from Violent Right Wing Extremism.
A multi-method investigation of the Prevention and Early Active Return-to-Work Safely (PEARS) program in the Northern Health Authority.
An enquiry into vocational rehabilitation services provided by WorkSafe BC: Perspective of the injured worker.
Engaging incarcerated indigenous youth in the north.
Disability management strategies:  A preliminary investigation of perceptions, policies and return-to-work outcomes.
Analysis of an early intervention disability program.
Examining a visuospatial/visuomotor training program as an intervention to induce cognitive improvement during acute post-stroke recovery.
Assessment of perceived functional capacity: Using Rasch analysis to evaluate the measurement properties of four perceived pain & disability scales.
The impact of personal injury motor vehicle incidents: the development of adverse stress reactions
Clinical social work and child sexual abuse
Still walking on egg shells: women's lived experience of staying with their partners who have completed abusive men's treatment groups
Evaluating the RECOVER model as an effective early intervention progam [sic]
Group cognitive-behavioral treatment for women who binge eat.