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Parent involvement in assessment for learning: improving parent involvement in schools
Elementary school counsellors' perceptions of their role with families
Mother-daughter communicative relationships during adolescence and early adulthood.
Integrated case management : a preliminary study to determine what helps and what hinders - the parent perspective
Pain reactivity and illness behaviour in kindergarten-aged children
Exploring the connection between parental trait anxiety and adolescent emotional intelligence.
Kindergarten readiness: a handbook for parents
Off track to 2050?: a study of present and future interurban transportation emissions in British Columbia, Canada, relative to its Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act of 2007
The long-term relational impacts of child sexual abuse by a parent
Exploring parental engagement at a Yukon high school
Rainbow families: Cross-cultural adoption and the best interests of the child.
A parent handbook for parents of French immersion students
Mental health of children from divided families.
Tiny specks in microscopes: the impact of human service workers on the lives of parents with intellectual disabilities