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Tiny specks in microscopes: the impact of human service workers on the lives of parents with intellectual disabilities
Navigating the intersection between professional success and severe mental illness
After discharge from hospital, where do we go? Follow-up of clients with mental illness and/or addiction:  30 days post-acute care.
A right to housing for people experiencing mental health issues
Transition of care from acute psychiatric care to primary care
Meaning-making in 'outsider art' as a reflection of stigma and marginalization in mental illness.
Integrating theory and social work practice in adult psychiatry
What's the link: An exploration of recovery and social support for individuals living with a mental illness.
Primary care service in adult mental health
Burden as the bridge to resiliency in mental illness: Effectiveness of the Strengthening Families Together family education intervention.
Empowering people with concurrent disorder in a clinical context: a structural perspective.