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Conflict, styles of conflict resolution, stress and job satisfaction amongst veterinary healthcare workers in clinical settings
Factors that predict employee retention in traditional pulp and paper mills facing labour shortages using a statistical model
Managing the demographic shift: retention and recruitment of the public servant
Leadership development program: a survey on perceived program success, employment satisfaction, and intent to stay
Factors that relate to job satisfaction in Canadian universities: an evaluation of professional and managerial staff relative to the University of Northern British Columbia's Exempt Employee Group
Job satisfaction: assessing the impact of initiating a professional learning community at Carney Hill Community School
Teacher engagement in a northwestern British Columbia school district.
Trust in management and its relation to job satisfaction and intentions to remain for northern British Columbia nurses.
Self-actualization and individuation: some thoughts on organizational spirituality in relation to high performing workplace cultures
Professional burnout: a conceptual model
Exploring the connections between outdoor activities, nature connectedness, & well-being in the rural community of Vanderhoof, BC
Views of Generation X and Y in public accounting firms: job satisfaction, commitment and intention to remain