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Food insecurity in aboriginal women living with HIV/AIDS: evidence-informed health promotion interventions for family nurse practitioner practice
Health promotion & environmental activism: Haida Gwaii, Bc, the Northern Gateway Project, and a model of collective interest.
The influence of osteoporosis education and bone mineral density testing on calcium intake and exercise in young postmenopausal women
Perceived impact of physical activity on health and wellness of older adults in Northern British Columbia.
Impact of the Wellness Fitness program on employee absenteeism: a study of Prince George Fire Rescue: 2005-2011
Spinning a northern web:  Women using information and communication technology to network for health and wellness.
Lifestyle behaviors of adolescents:  Relationship of self-efficacy, optimism, unrealistic optimism and selected demographic variables to the lifestyle behaviors.
Incorporating health literacy into family nurse practitioner practice: an integrative literature review