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An approach to remotely monitor glacier mass balance at seasonal to annual time scales, Columbia and Rocky Mountains, Canada
Community multiscale air quality (CMAQ) modeling of the atmospheric quality and pollutant deposition over the Terrace-Kitimat Valley of northwestern British Columbia, Canada
Dance training and feedback system using wearable wireless sensors.
Development of a trace generation and analysis software for random mobility models.
A flexible simulaton framework for the study of deadlock resolution algorithms in multicore systems
Generation and analysis of realistic mobility models for mobile ad hoc networks.
Impact of westerly wind burst on El Niño-sourthern oscillation
Improving Sonar Sensor Fidelity in a Robot Simulator.
A meta-heuristic optimization tool for simplified protein structure prediction
A model of empathy for artificial agent teamwork.
Modelling the distribution of advance regeneration in lodgepole pine stands in the Central Interior of British Columbia.