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Community adaptation to climate change: An exploration of climate change adaptation planning in British Columbia.
Late Holocene Glacier fluctuations in southernmost Patagonia.
Northern range limit mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) outbreak dynamics and climate interactions in mixed sub-boreal pine forests of British Columbia.
Using bioclimatic envelope modelling to incorporate spatial and temporal dynamics of climate change into conservation planning.
Pragmatism, projections, priorities, plans and politics in Prince George: Adapting to climate change in a Canadian community.
Environment, climate and tree growth relationships at the western Canadian Arctic treeline.
Groundwater -- surface water interaction under the effects of climate and land use changes.
"With a connection to the land, our spirit is strong" Tlicho traditional knowledge of climate change and impacts for caribou hunting: implication for traditional knowledge research
Trends and elevational dependence of the hydroclimatology of the Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia.
The influence of glacier change on sediment yield, Peyto Basin, Alberta, Canada.
Climate change adaptation for British Columbia Forest and Range Ecosystems : an analysis of existing research frameworks and research needs for the Future Forest Ecosystem Scientific Council (FFESC)
Potential impacts of climate change in dry coastal ecosystems of British Columbia.
Glacier change in the Cariboo Mountains of British Columbia, Canada (1946 -- 2011).
Evaluation of climate predictability for multiple climate models at various time scales.
An approach to remotely monitor glacier mass balance at seasonal to annual time scales, Columbia and Rocky Mountains, Canada
Lichens in the inland rainforest: Climate biomonitoring and population structure of Lobaria pulmonaria (L.) Hoffm.
Reduced-rank sigma-point Kalman filter for geophysical data assimilation
An analysis of multi-model ensemble for seasonal climate predictions.