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"Why have I had to fight this hard?"
Multidisciplinary mental health supervision in a rural context
A business case for a data-driven decision-making tool to support the UNBC research enterprise.
Assessing offshore wind power resources in British Columbia
Anthropogenic activities contribute to changes in forest cover in the shale oil and gas region of Northeastern British Columbia
Pacific marten (Martes caurina) as an apex predator : the habitat and diet ecology of an insular population of mesocarnivore on Haida Gwaii
The costs of visibility and voice outside of a northern closet
Community multiscale air quality (CMAQ) modeling of the atmospheric quality and pollutant deposition over the Terrace-Kitimat Valley of northwestern British Columbia, Canada
Plant communities of the grasslands and the forest-grassland mosaic in the Cariboo-Chilcotin region of British Columbia
Volunteer firefighters
Understanding roadblocks to adapting new technologies
Integrating dialectical behaviour therapy into my clinical practice model as a northern social worker
Rehospitalization risk factors for mental health and substance use in Northern British Columbia
My placement at the Complex Developmental Behavioural Conditions Department at Sunnyhill Health Centre
An approach to remotely monitor glacier mass balance at seasonal to annual time scales, Columbia and Rocky Mountains, Canada
What are the impacts when primary care providers diminish stigma for patients with opioid use disorder in British Columbia?
Bridging the gap
Issues of accessibility in the north
Long journeys
Unfulfilled promise