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Accessing HAART in northern BC: Understanding the barriers and supports to medication adherence and engagement in HIV-related care.
Supply chain management for pharmacy services in the Northern Health Authority
Investigating how boxing interventions may support youth in northern British Columbia
Studying the efficacy and service users' experience of a cognitive behaviour therapy group for adults experiencing anxiety and/or panic in a community mental health setting.
Women's perceptions of health and well-being in a rural, remote, and resource-dependent community
The ectomycorrhizal associations of Larix laricina  (Du Roi) (tamarack) K. Koch and Betula glandulosa Michaux (scrub birch) seedlings in peatlands of central British Columbia.
Expanding the mine, killing a lake: A case study of First Nations' environmental values, perceptions of risk and health.
Systematic conservation planning in the Wild Harts Study Area
Mothers, problematic substance use, and child welfare in northern British Columbia.
Stigma and resilience: Lived experiences of people with HIV in a northern community.