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Women with developmental disabilities and sexual abuse : an analysis of the (draft) practice guidelines for Part 3 of the Adult Guardianship Act
The Elmcrest Project: an evaluation of group therapeutic techniques in developing resiliency in children who have been exposed to women abuse in the home
Still walking on egg shells: women's lived experience of staying with their partners who have completed abusive men's treatment groups
The embodied experiences of alienation and opioid use : examining the body as a site of direct exchange through the double lens of theory and narrative
Transition houses:  Safety, security, and compassion.
'He said he loved me. I wanted to be loved': Young women's experiences of coping with violence in intimate relationships.
Constructing abuse: the experiences of mothers and court ordered child custody and access assessments
An overview of clinical counselling techniques and their use in situations where persons have experienced abuse or grief and loss
Letting the light in : universal screening for woman abuse in a northern health care setting