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Food sovereignty in Canada
BC teachers' experiences with the learner, environment, instruction, curriculum (LEIC) planning tool
The contribution of wild food experiences to sense of place in McBride, British Columbia
The poetry of William Heath
Investigating how boxing interventions may support youth in northern British Columbia
Reflecting on the value of arts intensive programing in Yukon territory 1993-1994
Supporting aboriginal students in special education for high school completion
Addressing homelessness and health inequalities through community development
The relationship between hemodialysis patients' fluid compliance and selected socio-demographic factors in Northern Alberta, Canada
The role of the nurse practitioner in promoting a reduction in the causes and outcomes of problematic polypharmacy among nursing home residents in British Columbia
An Aboriginal approach: what teachers need to know in public education
Identifying and examining the social support services available to survivors of human trafficking in Prince George, B.C.
Social work with older adults
The Compatibility of Administrative and Educative Supervison
Distinguished cuisines: food, status, and the disintegration of character in high society youth fiction
Identity drum: an indigenous framework exploring identity loss, discovery and recovery through autoethnography
Supporting informal caregivers through the dementia journey: a primary care approach
Improving quality of life of older adults living in a long-term care facility
Yukon First Nations women in leadership
Collaborative processes in teacher teams