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The lived experience of sensing the presence of the deceased
Aboriginal values, sacred landscapes, and resource development in the Cariboo Chilcotin region of BC.
Characterization and seasonal ecology of ectomycorrhizae associated with Sitka alder and lodgepole pine from naturally regeneraing young and mature spruce forests in the sub-boreal spruce zone of British Columbia
Empowering people with concurrent disorder in a clinical context: a structural perspective.
The feminist movement in Mumbai, India: how women in India organize against gender violence
Poems of the promised land: women's stories in the King James Old Testament
Spatial associations between infestations of mountain pine beetle and landscape features in the Peace River Region of British Columbia.
Prediction of national mathematics and science achievement by socioeconomic and health factors with a focus on Ghana
The experience of hope for domestic violence support workers.
A case study of teacher collaboration at Duchess Park Secondary School
Assessment of optimum snowmelt model complexity, Cariboo Highlands, British Columbia, Canada.
Corporate governance structures of business entities in Aboriginal communities
Faculty experiences of students in distress on Canadian post-secondary campuses
Evaluation of potassium stress responses and identification of novel RT-qPCR reference genes in the haloarchaeon, Haloarcula marismortui .