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Help seeking behaviours in men with depression : implications for primary care practice in northern BC
Patient reported-outcome measures of quality of life as a communication tool for primary care providers serving caregivers of adults with cancer
The use of brief cognitive behavioral therapy interventions in the treatment of chronic non-cancer pain in the primary care setting
School-based health clinics
Mindfulness and the primary care provider
Can mHealth, when monitored by a primary care provider, maintain hemoglobin A1c values in target range with adolescents between the ages of 10-19 diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus?
Barriers and facilitators to medical assistance in dying (MAID) discussions in primary care
The experiences of registered nurses caring for people with substance use disorders in emergency department settings
What are the impacts when primary care providers diminish stigma for patients with opioid use disorder in British Columbia?
Strategies for primary care providers in British Columbia's community primary care practice settings to prevent burnout
Can mindfulness-based interventions delivered by primary care providers in the office setting improve negative symptoms in adolescents with anxiety?