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Small molecule growth inhibitors from Albatrellus flettii and Sarcodon scabripes native to British Columbia
Exploring growth-inhibitory and immuno-stimulatory activity in British Columbia wild mushrooms and lichens.
In search of novel immune-modulatory compounds from British Columbia wild mushrooms and their effectiveness in inflammatory micro-circulation of mice
Purification and characterization of an immuno-stimulatory compound from the water extract of royoporus badius (Pers.) A.B. De
Structural and functional studies into branchpoint sequence recognition and the U4/U6 di-Snrnp in cyanidioschyzon merolae
Investigating British Columbia wild mushrooms for growth-inhibitory activity
Purification and characterization of growth-inhibitory compounds from 2 genera of British Columbia wild mushrooms: fomitopsis and phaeolus