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Accessing HAART in northern BC: Understanding the barriers and supports to medication adherence and engagement in HIV-related care.
Analysis of an early intervention disability program.
The development and validation of a Televisitation Attitude Scale (TAS).
Intergenerational knowledge transmission from aboriginal female elders to youth regarding preventative and self-care knowledge of urinary tract infections in Prince George, BC.
Impact of general practitioner payment scheme on health care system in avoidable hospitalization for ambulatory care sensitive conditions.
Don't call me crazy: Re-envisioning mental health services for Aboriginal peoples in Prince George.
The Experience of Active Injection Drug Use on Adherence to Antiretroviral Treatment in Aboriginal People Living in Prince George - A Qualitative Perspective.
Reclaiming overall well-being: an analysis of individual- and community-level characteristics contributing to well-being in Yukon First Nations
Assessing vocational rehabilitation practices at Employment Action in Prince George
Exploring Barriers to Primary Health Care Services on First Nations Reserves in Manitoba.