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Clinical perspectives on the integration of mainstream mental health approaches and traditional aboriginal healing practices.
Addressing high-risk runaway youth: issues in collaboration, accountability, and risk-management
Clinical social work: trauma informed practice and arts based programs
Clinical reflections: client directed outcome informed practice
Colour me father: Lived experiences of incarcerated fathers in northern British Columbia.
The Internal Strengths and Challenges of Community Grassroots Committees Addressing Homelessness in Prince George.
Family Development Response Social Work and Family Service Social Work: From the service provider's perspective.
The importance of trauma-informed practice and how it links to social work practice in the field of mental health
Resiliency: learning from Indigenous women in social work
When disaster strikes: industrial disaster in a northern single industry community
The experiences of those who have served jury duty
What Parents Feel They Need: Parents' Experiences with Parent Support Services in Prince George.