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Cultural competency in clinical consultation at the Alberta Children's Hospital: how to deliver equitable, effective, and adequate health care to minority people
Clinical social work and child sexual abuse
The Northern Child and Family Clinic incentives and barriers to utilization: a contradiction
Disabling labeling : a social worker's response to attention deficit disorder
A shared mental health care model at Whitehorse Hospital, Yukon:  A First Nations and medical perspective.
Mothers, problematic substance use, and child welfare in northern British Columbia.
Developing clinical skills within child and youth mental health
Community referrals: the experiences of youth forensic mental health therapists in Prince George
Cross-cultural communication in social work practice: An interpretive approach to cross-cultural communication difficulties.
Every voice counts : hearing from young children in residential resources
MIMBY (Maybe in my backyard): a community development approach to providing treatment for adult sex offenders in the north region of B.C.
Cultural centre points: emerging indigenous social work ontology
Facilitators and barriers to medical evaluation of child maltreatment in northern British Columbia
Two realities of women in northern social work: Privilege and oppression.
Cognitive dissonance in social work - the experiences of social workers who facilitate transracial adoption plans for aboriginal children
Shared parenting after separation: A male perspective.
Integrating theory and social work practice in adult psychiatry
Social work practice with female juvenile delinquents