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Aboriginal values, sacred landscapes, and resource development in the Cariboo Chilcotin region of BC.
The Salmon Disturbance Regime: Effects on Biofilm, Sediment and Water.
Dependencies of food web and nutrient cycling dynamics on dissolved organic matter (DOM) and inorganic nutrient concentrations in lake enclosures.
The flocculation feedback loop: Delivery of marine derived nutrients in Pacific salmon streams.
The effects of floods and sockeye salmon on streambed morphology.
The delivery, seasonal storage, and trophic transfer of marine-derived nutrients within a stream-riparian ecotone
Quantifying the major sinks and sources of phosphorus in Tabor Lake: implications for management and remediation
Evaluating the impacts of forest harvesting and natural disturbance events on sediment yields in small watersheds throughout British Columbia, Canada
The effect of pulp mill effluent on fine-grained sediment morphology and storage in the Fraser River at Prince George, B. C.