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Intergenerational programming: attitudes of children and perceptions of older adult participants
The utilization of chess to enhance children's academic performance: an integrative review
Serving elementary students' instructional needs with video tutorials
A study of the work experience commitments and academic achievements of high school students
The different paths to high school graduation for young mothers
Support services for adult basic learner graduation: a case study
The Seniors' Connection Programme: an evaluation
Interventions and supports for adults with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: An integrative and interpretive review.
Educational counselling and the cool imperative: an integrative-interpretive review
Work habits evaluation:  A closer look.
Effective behavior support (EBS): "where we have been, where we are going"
Effective behavior support: a descriptive evaluation of Coast Mountains School District
Job satisfaction: assessing the impact of initiating a professional learning community at Carney Hill Community School
An evaluation of an educational upgrading program
Three factor differential item functioning analysis of a provincial final examination
How to support technology use in the elementary classroom
Beyond installation: Effective use of interactive whiteboards in Yukon classrooms.
What do victims of violent crime need: a comparison of victims' and counsellors' Q sorts
The relationship between entry age and academic achievement for UNBC's graduation cohorts