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Source apportionment of fine and coarse fraction particulate matter in Prince George and Kelowna, British Columbia.
Hollow her out: Gendered corporeality and violence in Edna O'Brien's "Down by the River".
Small molecule growth inhibitors from Albatrellus flettii and Sarcodon scabripes native to British Columbia
BRIC and Canada's dependence: impact of manufacturing costs
Using dialectical behaviour therapy to treat clients with left temporal lobe epilepsy
The Asbestos Sheet Jan. 1971
BID Group of Companies: selecting a strategic location for expansion to the south eastern United States
Success stories: aboriginal students and access to post-secondary education
Towards an air quality management strategy for the Prince George Region
The Asbestos Sheet June 1960
Wetland ecological risk assessment and management
Spiropyrrolizidine and piperazine derivatives
Face recognition using convolutional macropixel comparison approach
Exploring growth-inhibitory and immuno-stimulatory activity in British Columbia wild mushrooms and lichens.
Diastereoselective spiroannulation of phenolic derivatives: Effect of steric hindrance on the diastereoselectivity.
Studying the efficacy and service users' experience of a cognitive behaviour therapy group for adults experiencing anxiety and/or panic in a community mental health setting.
Workplace Health Safety and Compensation Commission Disability Management Program
Theatre for health: "Playing" the price of colonialism on the health of indigenous peoples in Saik'uz territory.
Clinical perspectives on the integration of mainstream mental health approaches and traditional aboriginal healing practices.