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Towards an air quality management strategy for the Prince George Region
Exploring growth-inhibitory and immuno-stimulatory activity in British Columbia wild mushrooms and lichens.
Studying the efficacy and service users' experience of a cognitive behaviour therapy group for adults experiencing anxiety and/or panic in a community mental health setting.
Theatre for health: "Playing" the price of colonialism on the health of indigenous peoples in Saik'uz territory.
Like minds: a case study of child protection workers' shared values
Women's perceptions of health and well-being in a rural, remote, and resource-dependent community
Evaluating lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) affected by mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) for development of wood-cement board.
The ectomycorrhizal associations of Larix laricina  (Du Roi) (tamarack) K. Koch and Betula glandulosa Michaux (scrub birch) seedlings in peatlands of central British Columbia.
Expanding the mine, killing a lake: A case study of First Nations' environmental values, perceptions of risk and health.
Map of the central section of British Columbia :  shewing the country served by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
Systematic conservation planning in the Wild Harts Study Area
Effects of emotional experience in abstract and concrete word processing
Pre-emptor's Series: Stuart Lake
Carbon budget of forest products harvested from mountain pine beetle-attacked forests in the Prince George region