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Leadership development program: a survey on perceived program success, employment satisfaction, and intent to stay
Conceptions of health: A cross-cultural comparison.
A flexible simulation framework for processor scheduling algorithms in multicore systems.
Dementia and Northern caregiving.
Exploring Casma Valley geographical kinship: Mapping the landscape of identity.
"It Happened to Me in Barkerville": Aboriginal identity, economy, and law in the Cariboo Gold Rush, 1862--1900.
Exploring Barriers to Primary Health Care Services on First Nations Reserves in Manitoba.
The Earth Remembers Everything.
Don't call me crazy: Re-envisioning mental health services for Aboriginal peoples in Prince George.
Towards First Nations energy self-sufficiency: Analyzing the renewable energy partnership between T'sou-ke Nation and Skidegate Band.
Exploring the connection between parental trait anxiety and adolescent emotional intelligence.
Investigating the effects of expressing APE1 human population variants in cellular systems.
Colour me father: Lived experiences of incarcerated fathers in northern British Columbia.
Characterizing residential wood smoke at the neighbourhood scale: An evaluation of five communities in British Columbia.
Qualitative arts-based inquiry into transgender subjectivities in social work education.
The Residual Character of Finitely Generated Varieties of Unary Algebras and Groupoids, and Applications to the Restricted Quackenbush Problem.
Leading professional inquiry to develop students' research skills.
Acoustic and adsorption properties of submerged wood.
Bullying in small town service providers in northern British Columbia: The experience of executive directors and putting theory into practice.
Nine decades of glacier change in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.