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Imageability and body-object interaction ratings for 599 multisyllabic nouns
A Demonstration of the Analysis of Variance Using Physical Movement and Space
Some insults are more difficult to ignore: The embodied insult Stroop effect
Individual variation and environmental context in avian life-history evolution: An experimental approach using mountain bluebirds (Sialia currucoides).
Nitrogen fixation by associative cyanobacteria in the Canadian Arctic.
Stability of in situ immobilized lead and zinc in rhizosphere soil of phosphorus amended metal contaminated soils.
Examining a visuospatial/visuomotor training program as an intervention to induce cognitive improvement during acute post-stroke recovery.
Dispersion modelling during particulate matter episode events in Golden, British Columbia.
Sharing stories: Marginalized women's experience with depression.
The Fraser Basin Initiative and integrated water resource management as a model for river basin management globally.
An approach for remote landslide mapping, South Nahanni Watershed, Northwest Territories, Canada.
 A review of health care delivery for aboriginal people in Canada with recommendations for improving health outcomes
Does China need a more flexible exchange rate?
BRIC and Canada's dependence: impact of manufacturing costs
Business cycles and profit warnings: over and under reaction of U.S. firms, according to size and industry 1995-2009
Islamic finance and its relevance to Canadian financial system
The emergence of co-management within education policy in Yukon