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The newspaper wars in Prince George, B.C., 1909--1918.
Single-gender classrooms:  Improving achievement of grade 9 males.
On-site tracking in wireless sensor networks.
Recruitment and retention challenges of a regional centre of a resource-based region:  The case study of Prince George, BC.
Efficiency calibration measurement and GEANT simulation of the DRAGON BGO gamma ray array at TRIUMF.
First Nations women carvers:  Celebrating creation and creativity.
Conversational styles and personality characteristics in women's close friendships and acquaintance relationships.
Habitat relationships of boreal forest birds in managed mixedwood forests.
The experience of alexithymia:  A thematic analysis of an MSN online group.
Where the shadows lie:  Nature, modernity and the audience of Middle-earth.
Brown Sheep, Brown Landscape:  Australia as I Remember It.
Disability management strategies:  A preliminary investigation of perceptions, policies and return-to-work outcomes.
Plasticity in selection strategies of woodland caribou ( Rangifer tarandus caribou) during winter and calving.
Nos histoires:  A reflection in democratic discourse in a French primary classroom.
Marxist-Leninist ideology, Soviet foreign policy and the structure of the international system of states.
English as a second language (ESL) learning experiences of immigrant high school students:  A small city schools case study.
The Canada-United States softwood lumber dispute:  A look at the state of certain economic and political indicators and their relationship to the outcome of disputes.
Elemental signatures in bone to determine life history characteristics in fish.
Strength and resiliency in the narratives of Margaret Gagnon.