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Two essays on foreign direct investment and food security in Nigeria: A mixed methods approach.
Characterization of regional air temperature and precipitation and its relationship to shallow groundwater resources in the ancient forest, British Columbia.
Late Holocene Glacier fluctuations in southernmost Patagonia.
Association between acute myocardial infarction and periodontitis: A case-control study with north Indian population.
Determinants of capital structure of Nigerian non -- financial firms.
Intergenerational knowledge transmission from aboriginal female elders to youth regarding preventative and self-care knowledge of urinary tract infections in Prince George, BC.
Investigating the coding region determinant binding protein-RNA interaction in vitro, in cells and in silico.
Trends and elevational dependence of the hydroclimatology of the Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia.
Strong Along-Channel Winds on the Coast of British Columbia: Synoptic Climatology and Case Studies.
On the dualisabilty of finite {0, 1 }-valued unary algebras with zero.
Representations of security and insecurity in the highway of tears: A critical discourse analysis.
River of knowledge: First nations post-secondary success along Lisims.