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Running with wounded feet: a Taiwanese daughter's views on familial issues of filial piety, home and marriage
Health, social and educational resources for children with FAS/FAE in two northern BC communities
The Sto:lo world view and the individualism of Canadian law
Gitxsan storytelling: the breath of our grandfathers
Toward a conceptual framework for integrated resource management on electric utility transmission rights-of-way
Conflicts in the co-management of community development and conservation in the northern Okavango Panhandle, Botswana
Lone, lorn creatures: the matrix of trauma, memory and identity in Dickens' orphan heroes
Psychogeriatric services for the Northern Interior Health Region
How does overstory retention affect above- and below-ground resource availability and seedling performance?: implications for silvicultural systems choice in the ESSF
Discharge planning at rural and small town hospitals: how is it accomplished?
Pet facilitated therapy and the therapeutic relationship: participant perspectives
The opportunities and limitations of first nations forestry agreements in British Columbia: Collective experience of the Tl'azt'en nation & the future need for community-based resource management & decision-making.
Habitat use and selection by male and female moose  (Alces alces) in a boreal landscape.
Securing a home in British Columbia for adults with intellectual disabilities: A family perspective.
Sensitivity of western redcedar to climate and western hemlock looper in British Columbia's inland temperate rainforest.
La Voz del Pueblo: Maya Consultas and the Challenge of Self-Determination for Socially Responsible Investment in the Mining Sector.
Building resilience in the agricultural sector of the Omineca: Assessing barley (Hordeum vulgare) cultivars response to water stress and cultural practices of northern producers.
Promoting and participating in teacher learning and development.
Pain's echo: Empathy and the social communication of pain.
Treatment of organic pollutants from pulp mill wastewaters using Fenton's oxidation process.