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Business process orientation (BPO) - a case study of a Canadian firm
Complex trauma in adolescents: a graphic novel
Clinical social work and child sexual abuse
Assessment of the market potential for a new physical therapy practice in BC's northern coastal regions
BID Group of Companies: selecting a strategic location for expansion to the south eastern United States
The experience of mentorship for three novice teachers in Yukon
Governance and administration in Canadian universities
The construction of employee competency developmental plans for a private residential youth care facility
 A review of health care delivery for aboriginal people in Canada with recommendations for improving health outcomes
Does China need a more flexible exchange rate?
Family group counselling manual: emotional well-being for famlies supporting children with autism spectrum disorder
British Columbia's coroner system: a model for public governance
Nurse practitioner use of a family centered care approach to manage childhood obesity in the primary health care setting
BRIC and Canada's dependence: impact of manufacturing costs
Examining business model innovation through a case study of a firm
What is the impact of the crude oil price index on the performance of oil and gas firms?
Serving elementary students' instructional needs with video tutorials
Divergent anthropocentrisms: an Inuit exercise of self-determination via living resource management in an international context
A synthesis of mobile learning literature in education, business, and medicine
Agency costs of multiple directorships: Toronto Stock Exchange - 2007-2008