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Growth responses of three coexisting conifer species to climate variables across a range of climate conditions.
Genecology of 20 paper birch (Betula papyrifera Marsh.) provenances from British Columbia and northern Idaho.
Regional, ecological, and temporal patterns in Douglas-fir climate-growth relationships in the British Columbia interior.
Integrating production functions of timber, forage, and cattle to achieve sustainable resource management.
Geographic variation in the effect of lodgepole pine characteristics on mountain pine beetle attacks and productivity in British Columbia.
The growth of styroblock, chemical and mechanical root pruned lodgepole pine seedlings in Interior British Columbia.
Identification and community profiling of Vaccinium membranaceum root-associated fungi over an elevation gradient in BC's eastern rocky mountains.
Regeneration of lodgepole pine after wildfire in mountain pine beetle-killed stands in north-central British Columbia.
Carbon stocks of western redcedar and western hemlock stands in Canada's inland temperate rainforests.
Lodgepole pine stand dynamics as a result of mountain pine beetle attack in central British Columbia
Socioeconomic factors affecting non-timber forest product collection in the Komi Republic, Russia.
Log quality characteristics of mountain pine beetle killed lodgepole pine trees from southern interior British Columbia for board processing.
Soil and topographic features affect plant growth on a natural gas pipeline right-of-way in northeastern British Columbia
Use of filtrate from crop residue ash for cooking in rural households in Northern Uganda.
Soil reclamation and reforestation at oil and gas well sites in northeastern British Columbia.