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Burden as the bridge to resiliency in mental illness: Effectiveness of the Strengthening Families Together family education intervention.
Environmental and reproductive health: A spatial analysis of adverse birth outcomes and environmental contaminants in British Columbia.
Critical mass: the who, how and why of informing the public about crystal methamphetamine in Prince George
Carving out a place: Establishing a new nurse practitioner practice in rural and remote Canada.
The epidemiology and health services utilization of spinal cord injury in British Columbia seniors.
Utilization of resources by parents of children with type 1 diabetes mellitus in the Prince George area.
Learning from healing the healers.
Meaning-making in 'outsider art' as a reflection of stigma and marginalization in mental illness.
"Who works in northern B.C.?"  Identifying personal characteristics and experiences shared by long-term health professionals in northern British Columbia.
People with disabilities: Employment and assistive technology in northern British Columbia.
A population-based prospective cohort study utilizing adminstrative data for the analysis of self-injury among depressed British Columbian youth.
What factors influence the practice of community-based participatory health research in the Canadian Arctic?
The relationship between body mass index and disease in non-aboriginal and aboriginal people residing in the Bella Coola Valley.
Assessment of perceived functional capacity: Using Rasch analysis to evaluate the measurement properties of four perceived pain & disability scales.
What's in your freezer? Traditional food use and food security in two Yukon First Nations communities.
Public health importance of child labour-related injuries in Mongolia: A comparison with Canada.