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Expression, purification and evaluation of recombinant human Syntaxin 18 as an endoribonuclease.
Purification, identification and characterization of mammalian endoribonucleases that degrade c-myc mRNA in vitro.
Inhibition of pre-mRNA splicing by small molecules.
Dissection of U4 snRNA functional domains using in vitro reconstitution.
Diastereoselective spiroannulation of phenolic derivatives: Effect of steric hindrance on the diastereoselectivity.
U6 snRNA secondary structure in free U6 snRNPs.
Assessing the role of Syntaxin18 in controlling c-myc  mRNA expression and growth in human breast cancer cells.
Characterizing the endoribonuclease activity of APE1.
Characterizing the CRD-BP-RNA interaction in-vitro and in cells.
Investigating the effects of expressing APE1 human population variants in cellular systems.
Towards identifying New Human Ribonucleases that Cleave microRNA Using a High-Throughput Method.
Quasiclassical trajectory study of D+HH and H+HD.
Isolation and characterization of the U4 snRNP in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Assessing Rattus norvegicus recombinant syntaxin 18 for endonucleolytic function.
Structure Probing of U4 snRNA: Investigations into the Mechanism of U4/U6 di-snRNP Formation.