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Exploring predictors of tobacco use during pregnancy in Northern British Columbia: Barriers to conducting tobacco research.
Social competence: Cardiovascular activity and humor as mediating mechanisms.
Conversational styles and personality characteristics in women's close friendships and acquaintance relationships.
The experience of alexithymia:  A thematic analysis of an MSN online group.
Emotional responses to casual sex experiences: The roles of sexual motives and romantic attachment styles.
Levels of Emotional Awareness Scale scores as predictors of interactive behavior: A validation study.
Can the magnitude of the belief-bias in causal reasoning be attenuated through the manipulation of content?
Conceptions of health: A cross-cultural comparison.
Social competence in early childhood: The role of pain, health, and parenting style.
Examining a visuospatial/visuomotor training program as an intervention to induce cognitive improvement during acute post-stroke recovery.
Adherence to the step-wise interview protocol by trained RCMP investigators during forensic sexual abuse interviews with children
Enhanced cognitive interview: incorporating "remember" or "know" and/or confidence level phases to determine the accuracy of eyewitness information
People with pets: Understanding the influence of human-companion animal attachment on empathy and resilient coping in adulthood.
The Link Between Identity Processing Style and Compassionate Love: Are Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Key Components?
Hostility: Individual differences in cognitive processes.
Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia During Episodes of Relived Sadness: The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Affect Intensity.